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To sprout means to germinate, to begin to grow. Actually what you do is take a seed of some kind and start making it into a tiny little plant.

The seed has remained ‘quiet’ for a very long time and when properly cared for will become active. Active in the sense that it will start to convert some of its sugar into vitamin c as a protector against the open air. It will also start to multiply its enzymes, which are necessary to handle the oxygen that’s present above ground.

Furthermore what’s cool about sprouts is that all the nutrients a plant has, are squeezed into this tiny little sprouting seed. For it needs the vitality and energy to grow. It is the healthiest and most nutrient dense food on the planet. Broccoli sprouts are even said to fight off cancer. This shows just how powerful these tiny little sprouts are.

How To

You can sprout all sorts of seeds, beans and grains.

How? Soak them overnight and rinse them thoroughly to flush away the growth inhibitors. Then place them into a professional sprouter or a homemade one.

You can make this easily from an old jar. Rinse the jar well and then puncture the lid over and over using a corkscrew. This sprouter is particularly useful with larger seeds and beans. The small seeds such as alfalfa and mustard need a different treatment. You may sow these small seeds onto wet cotton wool that’s been placed into a tray.

Place the seeds in the sprouter. With larger seeds and beans (such as mung, aduki, sunflower etc) make sure to rinse at least once a day. Flush and drain.  If you use the homemade sprouter, put it at an angle so excess water can leak out.


Use sprouts raw in salads or sprinkled on top of your stirfry. By eating them raw you make sure the enzymes won’t be killed by the cooking process. These enzymes are very beneficial and help digest your food. This will make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients and gain vitality and energy.

To boost your digestion, health and energy level eat a handful of sprouts per day.

Gardencress will give a nice kick to a green smoothie.

Make sure the sprouts are dry to the touch before you store them (in a jar) in the fridge.

The fresher the sprouts the better.

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