food: ingredient: buckwheat


seed of a fruit

thus glutenfree

in no way related to wheat (the grain)

related to rhubarb and sorrel

available year round (dried)

originally from asia



health wise best eaten:

sprouted (takes 2 days) or

as seedmilk or



and very tasty:

(pan)cake from the flour

as kasha (dry roasted in skillet)

cooked as porridge

as buckwheat pasta or noodles


combines well with:

(equally strong flavours such as)


onion & leek




maple syrup



(food fact: for thousands and thousands of years buckwheat has been known as both food and medicinal herb.)


which & when?

buy flour & seed at organic shop

store in dry glass jar

keep forever


(tip: make kasha by dry roasting 35 grams of buckwheat seeds in a dry skillet. shake the pan every now and then. wait until seeds pop & brown slightly. Turn heat off and serve as müsli with nuts, nutmilk, maple syrup and poached pear)



one cup contains 25% RDA tryptophan*

contains rutin which lowers blood cholesterol

balances (fat) metabolism

supports bloodsteam

thus having a positive affect on bloodpressure

glutenfree -> great for all, esp. those with (food) allergies

low in sugar so perfect grain sub for those with diabetes


*(food fact: did you know consuming tryptophan rich foods makes stressed people relaxed, those suffering from insomnia sleepy and the agitated peaceful?)


recipes with buckwheat:

1.buckwheat tabouleh by oh she glows:

2.buckwheat granola by sketch free eating: (use maple syrup instead of vanilla stevia)

3.egglant buckwheat pasta by kyraskitchen:

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  1. Jeannette vandenoever Oever zegt:


    Can you tell me were I can buy buckwheat pasta? In Holland I only found spirali from Orgran by webshop. Thanks.

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