hear my story

who i am

i am an activist for health & happiness. after receiving my degree in natural health and nutrition at the age of 23 i yearned for more. i began to travel the world interning at various health centers. my aim was to gain further experience to then touch base and start my own venture.

i am a practical idealist with the ability to realize dreams and ideas. i do this by writing articles and books, organizing retreats, teaching workshops and developing concepts and inspirational projects. the main thread? food, health and a conscious yet fun and fresh lifestyle.

i have always had a creative mind: writing, drawing, painting and building my way through childhood. i wanted to become a writer, natural doctor and fashion designer. the first two i realized. my love of style, art, aesthetics and design are always visible in my work.

i choose to eat vegan, love to shop at vintage stores, local designers and organic labels. i wonder around town armed with my camera and bake mini vegan banana breads injected with coconut cream. i enjoy (street) art and (american folk) music. i have an eye for detail and a tendency towards perfectionism. thank god for yoga. it keeps my vision broad and my mind flexible.

(top photo by stef nagel)

what i do

i write. i paint images and atmosphere with words. i prefer a sense of minimalism. our lives are busy enough as they are. i appreciate the beauty of visuals and presentation. they are there to inspire and support the message. and they, much like text, can add to a sense of space and relaxation. a combination of these elements make my work to the point yet juicy.

i speak. i rekindle other peoples ability and zest to take care of themselves. i add practical elements to my words. things stick when experienced. there is knowing and there is experience. the two are worlds apart. knowing has to do with rational knowledge. experience has to do with wisdom. there is a physical aspect to the latter. by integrating elements like smelling, feeling, cooking, moving, tasting, exploring and seeing my words become a physical experience. they get the chance to settle in.

i create. i sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with ideas on new flavor combinations, catchy sentences and cross-over events. as you can imagine i keep my notebook close. my projects are well rounded. no linear thinking or square thoughts. by crossing disciplinary borders i aim to support the integration of healthy, positive and conscious choices into day to day life. to make them fun and fresh. a lasting lifestyle.

what i’ve done

a small impression.

(culinary) articles for yoga magazine, green2, JANSEN, SALT and bouillon

vegan videoblogging for ELLE eten (the dutch ELLE food)

workshop vegan cooking for dutch chefs variatie op de kaart at restaurant de librije***

sustainable take-away lunch for the university of utrecht

vega(n) recipe advise for restaurants

corporate cooking classes themed ‘don’t worry be happy: food that relaxes’

creator & headchef of PEAS food feast (vegan glutenfree) pop up restaurant for one evening

vegan bodymind chef at events & retreats

books on food: ‘wie slim wil worden moet lekker eten’ and ‘daytox’

(food) styling

recipe development for retreats, events, books and magazines

vegan, sugar- & glutenfree cooking demonstrations

projects for yogi tea, de tuinen, rijkswaterstaat and wwf.