kyraskitchen #22: rainbow root roast

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hoorah!!! 2013 has started and it promises to be a year filled with adventures!
are you ready for your health & happiness revolution? surely there is no better thing than taking care of yourself in a way that is reflecting the amazing person you are. and NOW is the moment!

a few days ago i posted a little something something about new years resolutions. how all resolutions basically boil down to expanding happiness. (think about your own resolutions: want to loose weight? it’s not about the weight really, it’s about feeling happier with yourself. want to spend more time with your friends? that’s really about the happiness of sharing and connecting. or is your resolution to stress less? yes you’re right! that one boils down to wanting to feel more relaxed thus happier as well!)

this is what i wrote: “happiness expands not through owning more or improving yourself. happiness expands by focussing on essentials: gratitude, love & kindness. that makes it absolutely unnecessary for you to improve anything about yourself. why? because you are pretty darn awesome just the way you are!! you just gotta see, recognize & live it. never ever forget your own awesomeness!”

it is oh so easy to continuesly want to improve yourself and never feel satisfied and at peace. we so easily forget we were born whole and happy. we were born just the way we are supposed to be and that’s just right. so my tip is… if you do want to make a new years resolution: make it about love & care for yourself and others. skip the froufrou of dieting, owning and improving and go straight to the source: (your) happiness. when you treat yourself and others with love, you eat foods choosen with love. foods that will nurture you, make you happy, healthy, strong & vital.


1.contain omega 3 fatty acids: improving brain health

2.contain selenium: a powerful antioxidant mineral

3.have antiseptic properties: they support immune health

the following (side)dish is a great way to start since it is so incredibly easy to make. the only thing you have to do is buy the ingredients, place them in the oven, do whatever you enjoy doing (practice yoga, dance, play a game, read, create a home spa), make a dressing and assemble your dish. easy does it.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: a main: with quinoa & roasted seeds lunch: on a buckwheat flour wrap with spread a salad: with shiploads of green leafy veg

so get your groove on! be your awesomest self, twinkle bright like these colorful veggies, start cooking & taking care. inspire and support others thru your actions & glow. you rock and we all rock with you!

happiest healthiest 2013!


rainbow root roast salad
glutenfree, dairyfree, sugarfree
& full of pure clean goodness

makes 1 portion
takes 10 minutes (+ oventime)

2 tablespoons coarse mustard
2 tablespoons lime or lemon juice
2 tablespoons brown rice syrup
2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
200 grams (rainbow) carrots
1 small-medium beetroot
dash of mustardcress
handful leafy greens
(for example a mix of: young beet leaf, rucola & garden lettuce)
pinch of roasted mustardseeds
drizzle of virgin olive oil
some extra seasalt

to prepare the vegetables: place the carrots in an oventray, sprinkle with seasalt & virgin olive oil. wrap the beetroot in alu foil & place with the carrots in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celcius for about 60 minutes. take out of the oven, remove tops of carrots & beet. slice in edible pieces.
make the dressing: put mustard, lime juice, rice syrup in blender (or use handmixer) & start blending. slowly add extra virgin olive oil while blending. when a homogenous creamy liquid starts to appear stop blending.
to create the dish: cover the roots in dressing. add mustardcress, leafy greens, mustardseeds & some extra seasalt when desired. toss. smile. : ) enjoy!

serving suggestion:
tastes GREAT with a mix of cooked red & white quinoa! if you choose to add this: 35-50 grams (dry ‘grain’) per person will do.


(all photos, text & recipe by kyra (c) (copyright))

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