kyraskitchen #27: rose pistachio cookies

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hi ya dear friends!

are you ready for a cookie revolution? well here it is!!!

so often we think of cookies as a ‘bad thing’. we feel guilty when we eat them and edgy from its sugar rush, and dip. these sweets leave us feeling empty, unsatisfied and yearning for more.

but here’s the thing: we don’t have to feel this way when eating sweets. sweets can be healthful, peaceful and beautiful. sweets can make us radiant, glowing and all smiles. we can express self love in many ways, one of them being with food. we can show ourselves TLC by eating good, pure and lovingly made foods that nurture our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.

this cookie nurtures. it helps you to sparkle, glow, shine, radiate, love and smile. why? if you’ve ever received or given a bunch of roses to someone you know : )) rose is the flower of love and beauty. it is perfectly edible, tastes heavenly delightful and has a benificial effect on the skin and heart. eating this cookie is like giving yourself a big bunch of flowers. to then make those roses part of every cell of your body. you become what you eat and when you eat roses there is no way you can run from turning into a blooming piece of awesome magic.


other great ways to show yourself some lovin’

-buy some organic rose oil & give yourself a massage

-do a heart opening yoga pose such as dancer

-wear pink lipstick & smile like there’s no tomorrow


on top of the beautifying effect of roses, the pistachios and avocado oil will add luster to your skin by supplying some essential fats. when you eat healthy fats you moisturize your skin from the inside out and dryness, wrinkles, patchiness and dullness are a thing of the past.

amaranth is a great glutenfree grain (actually it is considered a seed) to use when you experience bloating. it prevents and battles this uncomfortable symptom of indigestion. this specific recipe uses homemade puffed amaranth which is one of my favorite ways to eat it.

dates add sweetness to this love cookie. they make it extra creamy and give them a slight caramel flavor. dates are the best sweeteners ever! they are raw, slightly dried fruits that still contain fiber, minerals and enzymes. and… they have a natural ability to prevent overeating. how great is that!?

now, are you ready to bake your way to heaven? : )) HERE YOU GO!!!

have a happy, rosy & lovefilled weekend*

xoxo kyra


kyra’s rose pistachio cookies

makes 5 cookies

takes 20 minutes (plus overnight soaking of the pistachios)



25 grams rice flour

25 grams almond flour

20 grams pistachios (no shells, will become 25 grams once soaked)

15 grams amaranth

pinch baking powder

pinch seasalt

4 pinches lemon or lime zest

small hand of (dried) rose petals

2 teaspoons of organic rosewater essence

scrapings from 1 pod of vanilla

50 grams medjoul dates (no pit)

8 grams avocado oil (or very mild virgin olive oil)

25 grams of cool water



remove the shells of the istachios. soak overnight. rinse, strain, peel the red brownisg skins off. put five grams (five pieces) to the side and blend the rest to a coarse flour.

puff the amaranth in a dry skillet until they start to pop, jump and open. turn the heat off.

combine rice flour, almond flour, puffed amaranth, pistachio ‘flour’, baking powder and seasalt. add zest, rose petals, essenve, vanilla scrapings, pieces of dates and avocado oil. start adding the water bit by bit until it turns into a sticky dough. massage well to make sure the dates integrate.

divide dough in five even sized balls. place on baking tray lined with baking paper and use handpalm to make into flat discs. you can use an extra sheet of baking paper to flatten the cookies even more. use fingers to make the edges even. sprinkle with some extra pistachio chunks and rose petals. place for 14 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 degrees celcius. cool cookies on grill. store in airtight glass jar and serve within a few days time with an extra sprinkle of pistachio chunks & rose petals. bon appetit!

(text, recipe & photos by kyra (c) (copyright))

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  1. Amazing cookies!!! Loved all the flovors in it. Pinning it.

  2. naami zegt:

    Can I make this without the amaranth? does it need a substitute

    • kyra zegt:

      for sure naami!
      you can sub it with equal amount of another dry seed /grain type product such as one of the mentioned flours or more (super finely chopped) pistachios. enjoy! xoxoxo kyra

  3. Arathi zegt:

    Hi, lovely cookies, but where to get the rose petals? Or how to make it at home? Which rose to use? Any inputs pls.

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