kyraskitchen #31: magic marzipan

vegan organic plantbased glutenfree cleaneating


hi ya pals!

with one of my best friends delivering a gorgeous healthy baby girl, a twitter question about maca powder and tons of e-mails about female health issues i decided to dedicate a post to hormonal balance & womens wellbeing.

hormones regulate pretty much everything in our body. from sleep and digestion to fertility, mood and energy level. they basically regulate our health & happiness.

when our hormones are out of wack one of the first signs will be monthly cycle struggles: an irregular or absent menstruation, PMS, fertility problems or painful periods.


some other signs of (female) hormonal imbalance:

-problems with sleep


-irregular skin

-feeling agitated & restless

-feeling down

-pcos, menopause, myoma


my feelings is that  loads of our hormonal struggles as women stem from being out of tune with the natural cycles of nature, us & life. we used to live way more in connection with the moon and the seasons. we used to live way more in tune with the natural cycle of the day: we went to bed when it got dark and arose with the sunrise. our modern day life is having its effect on our connections to ourselves, in relationship to our surroundings. as much as our lifestyle has an effect, we also effect our hormonal balance with the foods that we eat. our typical modern day diet is not really helping us when it comes to gaining optimal health & happiness. we eat foods that contains heaps of hormones such as meat and dairy. we eat foods, such as artificial sweeteners and MSG, that disrupt our brain in such a way that our balance goes hysterically off. (in my book kyra’s kitchen i delve further into the topic of regaining hormonal health by eliminating these disruptive foods)

but as we’re able to influence our hormones in a negative way, we are also able to eat our way back to hormonal health & happpiness! jippy XL!


some foods that support hormonal health & happiness:



-maca powder



-poppy seeds


the latter 4 ingredients of this list (maca, vanilla, saffron and poppy seeds) i have used to design this super yumm -melts in your mouth- magic marzipan. its magic comes from its taste as well as its effect on our hormonal system. it is smack bang full of superfoods that help to heal the body & get it in its most optimal state. maca powder is part of this magic. maca is made from the root of a south american plant. it is an adaptogene that, instead of supplying / adding hormones, will go straight to the pituitary glands & hypothalamus. these parts of the brain regulate EVERY hormone in your body. maca basically restores overall balance by going to the root of your problem. that which you lack it stimulates, that which you have too much of it passifies. awesome stuff eh?!

combined with brain boosting almonds, bloodsugar leveling coconutblossom nectar, iron rich dates, fertility boosting fresh vanilla, happy-fying saffron, refreshing lemon zest and pain soothing poppy seeds this amazing maca becomes magical marzipan.

i swear EVERYONE will benefit from magic marzipans creamy taste & nourishing qualities. but especially those who wish to support their female cycle, get a balanced menstruation, sooth PMS symptoms, UP healing when there are health complaints of the female reproductive organs, boost fertility and support pregnancy, i suggest to enjoy one of these marzipans a day. this is medicine, food medicine. medicine that tastes like hallellujah!

wishing you all a great happy balanced and hallellujah rich week(end)!

biggest hug, kyra

magic marzipan
rawfood, superfood, vegan, glutenfree, sugarfree
full of pure clean goodness

makes 8 portions
takes 5 minutes (plus soaking time)

8 pinches of saffron (0,2 gram)
2 teaspoons of water
80 grams of almonds, soaked & de-skinned
40 grams of medjoul dates, no pit
4 vanilla pods, scrapings
12 pinches fresh finely grated ginger (= 25 grams of de-skinned ginger than grated)
4 teaspoons maca powder*
8 teaspoons fine cocoblossom sugar*
pinch of seasalt

1 tablespoon fine coconutblossom sugar
2 teaspoons poppy seeds
1 teaspoon of lemon zest

*dutchies: you can buy maca powder & coconutblossom sugar also at organic shops such as ekoplaza & natuurwinkel.

soak almonds overnight. rinse, strain and remove skins.
let saffron strands soak for 2 hours in 2 teaspoons of water.
combine all ingredients, except for the ones listed under EXTRAS, and use handmixer or food processor to make into homogenous thick paste. if you like a bit of texture don’t blend to much to keep some chuncks of almonds. if you’re a fan of creaminess go for a smooth paste. use hands to roll into a round edged wand. roll through cocoblossom sugar listed under EXTRA. roll through poppy seeds & lemon zest listed under EXTRA.
place into fridge or freezer for 10 minutes or so. cut into equal sized pieces. bon appetit lovelies!

*the marzipan keeps at least for a few days. so store cool & airtight for optimal enjoyment-

recipe, text & photos by kyra (c)

14 Comments to “kyraskitchen #31: magic marzipan”

  1. Mirjam zegt:

    Wat is maca powder?
    En waar kan ik dat kopen?

    Het ziet er namelijk zeer smakelijk uit ;)

  2. Ik heb dezelfde vraag, erg benieuwd! Wat een mooi recept Kyra, thanks for sharing!

  3. Elise zegt:

    Maca is poeder gemaakt van knollen die onder extreme omstandigheden groeien in Peru. De inca’s gebruikten het al. Het staat bekend om hormonaliserende werking. Tevens werkt het libido verhogend!

  4. Elise zegt:

    Het is in iedere natuurwinkel te koop

  5. Magda zegt:

    Hi, I made the ‘marzipan’ yesterday but that amount of saffron (I used even less than in the recipe) totally overpowered all the other flavours. Lots of delicious ingredients wasted :(

    • kyra zegt:

      such a shame magda! so sorry! i have made the marzipan many times but this never happened & i haven’t had any ‘failure’ messages from others. perhaps the saffron you used is waaaaaay more potent than the one i used.. must be! did you buy it in a dutch organic shop? try it with one fourth of the amount (of your saffron) next time and see what happens. hope it’ll be a grande success because its soooo delish!!!! enjoy! xoxoxo kyra

  6. Tamara zegt:

    Hoi Kyra! Die marsepein moet ik echt een keer maken. Kan dit ook met amandelmeel denk je?

    • kyra zegt:

      hi ya tamara,
      dat kan evt wel! misschien moet je iets meer meel gebruiken dan de aangegeven hoeveelheid amandelen, omdat het meel wat fijner is. maar probeer en laat me weten hoe het gelukt is!! nice!! : )
      happy greets, kyra

  7. Tamara zegt:

    Ok Kyra, ik ga het proberen en je hoort het wel. Dankjewel XL. ;-)

  8. Bria zegt:

    Ik heb een driedubbele hoeveelheid gemaakt, want ik vind het best bewerkelijk. Ik heb geen keukenmachine en met de staafmixer duurt het lang, en ook het pellen van de amandelen duurt me te lang….Vandaar de driedubbele dinges, denk je dat het zolang goed blijft, 1 per dag, of zal ik het invriezen? Kun je ook witte amandelen gebruiken? Liefs, Brita

    • kyra zegt:

      hi ya brita,
      ligt eraan hoelang & hoe je het precies bewaart. beste is in een luchtdichte droge pot. dan is het zeker een week goed. je kan ook een deel proberen in te vriezen: laat me weten hoe het dan smaakt wanneer het weer ontdooit is! en… fijn dat je het zo lekker vind! : ) yay!
      xoxo kyra

  9. Bria zegt:

    Overigens: vind ik het heel erg lekker ! :-)

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