recipe: coconut kefir (for…………… fabulous fermentation week!)

let me start with a statement. clean is so 1985. dirty is the new chique!

when we play outside in nature and get muddy, when we grow crops that have not been treated with all sorts of -cides, when the ground we grow our magical munchies on is not de-bugged and when we eat fabulous fermented foods we are much healthier and happier people!

unfortunately our modern western society doesn’t really embrace bacteria. we clean till we drop. we use antibiotics galore. our foods are pasteurized for food safety reasons. this means also the friendliest of bacteria are lost to us.

friendly bacteria are needed for:

-absoption of nutrients

-proper immune functions

-the making of vitamins

without these happy little creatures are whole system starts to struggle. just to name a few: we battle allergies or intolerances, we get sick loads, we are tired, our moods turns to gloom, we get tons of cravings – mostly for sugary foods.

to boost your immune system you could coose to use a probiotic supplement but the cool thing is… you dont need it! you can boost your system, add friendly bacteria & get healthier and happier by adding real life foods to your diet. now how awesome is that!!!

if you can heal with natural food, heal with natural food – it is prefered over supplements since supplements are factory made.

to show you guys how amazingly cool and tasty fermented foods can be my friend Elenore over at Earthsprout and Sarah over at My New Roots came up with the idea of fabulous fermentation week. they invited blogger friends to design and share some of their mouthwatering fermented recipes. you can check the full list of participants & recipes on their websites. and… here’s mine!

it is a mindblowing drink: coconut kefir (with nigella & saffron sesame seeds)

kefir is traditionally made with kefir florets that resemble cauliflower. the big difference being kefir florets will turn your milk into goodness galore : ) i’ve tried it with hazelnutmilk, almondmilk and coconutmilk and their all mindblowing. the taste somewhat resembles the taste of yoghurt without the use of dairy products but the base note is always the nuttiness of, in this case, coconut. to boost the immunity even more i’ve added superfoods nigella & saffron sesame. they are both very powerful immune system supporters and on top of that will add a bit of extra visual beauty to your bubbly buddy bacteria drink.

now are you ready?! scroll down and learn how to make your very own natural probiotic yumminess!

coconut kefir with saffron sesame seeds & nigella
vegan, glutenfree, rawfood
full of pure clean goodness

makes 2 small portions
takes 5 minutes (+ 1 day of waiting)

60 grams coconut flesh
240 ml coconutwater
(buy a whole coconut, check my instruction video on how to open it : )

1 teaspoon ricesyrup
0,5 teaspoon of sesame seeds
0,25 teaspoon of saffron
0,5 teaspoon of nigella seeds
kefir florets (google to see where -in your surroundings- you can get them)

appliances needed
stainless steel strainer
nutmilk bag

make coconutmilk by blitzing flesh & water together with handmixer or blender. strain with a nutmilkbag / cheese cloth / cut off foot of a brand new thick panty hose. not sure how to make it? let me help you out! it’s superduper easy! here a little nutmilk making video. use the fibre later in dessert cake, buckwheat pancake or veggie burger. take homemade coconutmilk & add ricesyrup. blitz.

to make the kefir: take a clean weckjar. add coconutmilk. add kefir florets. close the jar & let sit at room temperature for 1 day. stir occasionally.
to make the saffron sesame seeds: place saffron strands in little bowl with a tiny bit of water. add sesame seeds. let sit overnight until water has evaporated. remove strands. ready to use!
to assemble the drink: use a stainless steel strainer to seperate the kefir drink from the florets. stir drink. place into glasses. add a big pinch of saffron sesame seeds & nigella. enjoy the magic of this uberhealthy natural probiotic drink!

rawfood fermented vegan organic glutenfree

recipe & all photos by kyra (c)

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14 Comments to “recipe: coconut kefir (for…………… fabulous fermentation week!)”

  1. Sarah B zegt:

    GORGEOUS Kyra!!! Thanks so much for participating – I can’t wait to make this. Love the addition of sesame and nigella. You are one smart cookie ;)

    Lots of love,
    Sarah B

  2. Golubka zegt:

    Delicious! I make kefir every week and this recipe is definitely on my next week’s agenda :)

  3. Vespa Woolf zegt:

    I’m off to find some kefir floretes! You’ve convinced me to include your healthy bacteria in my diet. Thanks!

  4. Laura zegt:

    Ah, dirty is SO chic. I’ve never tried making kefir before! I do enjoy it, and your post makes it sound so easy to do. This bit of inspiration (and your coconut milk base!!) is all I needed to go searching for kefir florets. Thanks for this :) )

    • kyra zegt:

      ;) you’re right laura! it’s so great to DIY this one, feels similar to growing your own veggies: your very own urban farm :) you’re super welcome! have a lovely day! xoxo kyra

  5. Nancy zegt:

    Gorgeous! You have inspired me to finally make coconut kefir at home :) Also must make the saffron sesame seeds — such a creative idea, and how lovely they are.

    • kyra zegt:

      thanks so much dear nancy! they’re totally cute eh? all credits go to nature of course :) such awesomeness those natural colors! happy hugs! xoxo kyra

  6. Christine J zegt:

    Looks delicious! Can’t wait to try it!

  7. I’ve always wanted to try coconut kefir but haven’t seen it in the stores! Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to try this.

    • kyra zegt:

      hi ya kirsty,
      me too!! there’s absolutely NO chance of coconut kefir laying around in dutch stores so i decided to make it myself ;) :) much cooler too!
      hope you’ve enjoyed // will enjoy this health & flavour bomb!
      happy greets,
      xoxox kyra

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