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kyras kitchen is a cookbook with depth and zest. it talks about the incredible magic of food: how you can learn to use your foodchoices to prevent disease and how to make your daily meals into divine medicine. kyras kitchen contains over 50 pure plantbased fingerlicking and mostly glutenfree recipes that add to your very own health and happiness. ((click image to order))

daytox gives you background information on body, mind, health and food, gorgeous visuals, artful quotes, tips on movies, books and music and a practical 7 day detox program make this book a truly inspirational experience. ((click image to order))
wie slim wil worden moet lekker eten (get smart, eat well) presents tons of information on how to make well informed and healthy food choices for children. includes easy to make and take recipes. looks colorful and cute. ((click image to order))  


yoga magazine their story: hollands fastest growing magazine. first published in 2006. reaches over 100.000 readers by printing 60.000 issues work: culinary articles, yoga lifestyle articles, recipes
green2 their story: hollands first glossy magazine on sustainability. last printed in july 2011. reached 60.000 readers work: culinary articles, travel articles, recipes, food styling
bouillon their story: quarterly magazine first published in 2003. highly regarded amongst chefs, culinary journalists, cooking schools, home cooks and culinary shops. has a selective print of work: cultural gastronomical articles
six their story: digital bimonthly magazine about the six sense in fashion: making sustainable and ethical lifestyle choices. first launched in spring work: food and lifestyle articles, travel articles
jansen their story: first published in spring 2011. for women who love style yet make smart decisions when it comes to spending. keywords: invent, home make, reuse, recycle, create, save. 80.000 copies work: food and lifestyle articles
spezzatino their story: only culinary magazine in the world that really feeds people. all funds raised go to canada’s national food bank. creative minds from all over the world donate time and expertise to realize this good work: culinary articles, recipes