your NY healthy food adventure

yes dear friends! eating healthy is possible for ALL!

no matter what your budget is, no matter how many children you have to take care of, no matter how busy your job is – eating healthy (and tasty!) is possible! it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. but it does require a bit of an openness to adventure.

are you open to a little -start of the year- healthy food adventure? : )

this food adventure will make you feel fresh, shiny, happy, energized, nourished and gorgeous – one step, moment & day at a time. you will eat cleansing, colorful & nutrient rich foods that taste great and make you GLOW. there’s absolutely no need for diet deprevation. eat & feel your awesomemest self that one day and feel inspired to carry on caring for you!

your healthiest happiest life starts with one step, one day, one moment. and every day, step & moment is a new opportunity for you tho choose that which serves you best & makes you show your awesomest self!


this -start of the year- food adventure will give you:

-practical tips how to make your adventure easy peasy

-background info & ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner

-delicious recipes by my favourite health foodies


how to start?

1.plan ONE day of this healthy delightful eating.

2.pick your breakfast, lunch & dinner recipe for that day.

3.make a grocery list.

4.prep as much as you can ahead to make it a joyous uncomplicated day.

5.enjoy your radiant food adventure!

so what does this day look like?


start your day with a small sized easily digestable breakfast. for example a greens rich smoothie (like kimberley snyders) or a small portion of my mineral rich overnight oats. sit down while eating. take your time to chew properly. this way you will taste your food & will feel when you’re satisfied so you won’t overeat.

breakfast recipes:

kimberley snyders glowing green smoothie:

kyraskitchens overnight oats:



having soup is a super easy & healthy way to enjoy lunch. make your soup a day ahead (it’s more practical & soup tastes much better the next day anyway). take it along to work in a glass tupperware. make a batch of the nutricious & cute tile flatbreads by g0lubka. you can store them in an airtight container (for up to a week or more!) & take one out whenever you desire. put a couple in a brown paper bag before you leave home for the office. this way the officelunch becomes a healthfood paradise!

no way you can reheat your soup on a stove at work? (for optimal health glow don’t use the microwave!) than have a salad! for example my salad of steamed brussels sprouts or elenore’s zucchini taggliatelle. note: during the winter it’s better to eat salads made with grilled or heated veggies. they don’t have to be warm when you eat them but because they have been heated they are much easier to digest. sspecially if you’re familiar with bloating: eat soups or warmed salads.


grill veggies (such as bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, sweet potato, beetroots) in the oven, make a dressing (for example my mustard dressing with root roast), let the veggies cool, store them in a glass container and use the next day to build your warmed salad. you can add some raw leafy vegetables or sprouts and carry the whole bunch of yumminess with you to work.

lunch recipes:

asian beet soup:

green kitchen stories spinach & kale soup with tahini dressed chickpeas:

hazelsprout salad:

earthsprouts grape fennel zucchini taggliatelle with tamari seeds:

g0lubkas tile flat breads:



i have found that the easiest healthiest dinner options are stirfries. if you are tired from a long day of work you can wizz up the healthiest fastfood dinner in less than 10 minutes! (it takes you longer to travel to and stand in line at MacD ; )

guidelines for stirfries:

-choose your selection of veg: all greens is really nice & exceptionally healthy

-one of my favourites: broccoli, zucchini, oystermushrooms & mungbean sprouts

-use a good oil such as olive oil (virgin, not extra virgin), sesame or coconutoil.

-heat in skillet but make sure there’s no smoke appearing.

-fry some spices in the oil (options: cuminseeds, mustardseeds, garlic)

-when they pop & smell add some chopped onion

-when the onion is glazy, add the ‘hardest’ veggies

-broccoli is harder –and therefore takes longer time to cook- than zucchini.

-shake the pan once in a while and add some tamari sauce

-add the sprouts (such as the mungbeans sprouts = taugé in Dutch) when the heat is off.

-taste and add some extra seasalt if necessary.

-serve with a small portion of grains (= 30 grams uncooked). For example quinoa, brown rice, amaranth or buckwheat.


DINNER TIPS:’s also perfectly okay, healthy & divine to eat a quick dinner of soup & salad! your dinner on a lunchplate.

3.healthiest dinners are medium sized dinner.

4.try eating your dinner with chopsticks.

5.this makes you eat slower & with more awareness.

5.serve your dinner on that one plate & keep the leftovers for next days lunch.

if you feel a little more adventurous you might want to try these recipes by my new roots or love and lemons out!


dinner recipes:

my new roots: orange pan glazed tempeh and sweet potato rice:

love and lemons raw veggie sushi w sunflower miso sauce:


feel free to let me know about your healthy food adventures & leave a comment below! i’m so curious what you’ll cook, find out, feel & learn about yourself in relations to food!

wishing you the happiest healthiest day!



(photo = me acting goofy, peacesigning & duckfacing – don’t forget to act goofy once in a while too! its food for the soul! : )

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